A Few Good Men

For the month of March, we would like to recognize a few good men!

Secondary Teacher of the Month - Clint Minnick
Elementary Teacher of the Month - Kevin Foreman
Employee of the Month - Jeff Robison

The following nominations were received:

"Mr. Minnick is always willing to help and always says yes! I don't know how he does everything he does for all our Ag students and all of our teachers. He is a wonderful asset to our district!"

"Mr. Minnick has been incredibly helpful in designing set pieces for One-Act Play. I know he has a very busy schedule, but anytime I need a prop or something fixed he has been so gracious to get it done."

"Mr. Foreman is a terrific candidate for Teacher of the Month. For the last few years, he did a great job as our Fifth Grade Science Teacher. This year, he is back in Sixth Grade Math and has taken his teaching out of the box. Lately, I have seen his students in the hall with measuring tape in hand - measuring the perimeter, area, and volume of everyday objects. It is great to hear the students recording their findings and excited about math!"

"Mr. Jeff has worked very hard in his short time at SR. He has kept our rooms and hallways looking very nice and really goes the extra mile to help us look our best."

Congratulations gentlemen! We appreciate all you do for Sam Rayburn ISD!